A COUNTRY CHOOSES  Peacock Productions, NBC Universal.

PRINCESS DIANA: BEHIND CLOSED DOORS  Peacock Productions, NBC Universal.

DOCTOR / PATIENT  Signature Video.

WORKING HORSES  Left Turn Productions.


Tapers — Left Turn Productions.

The Breach  Left Turn Productions.

Peter Pan Bakery — Left Turn Productions.

FreshKills Park — PBS & One Day On Earth Productions. 

Under The Bus — Left Turn Productions.

South Bronx United — Left Turn Productions.

Mothman Country — dotUS Productions.


(T)ERROR — Stories Seldom Seen, Charlotte Street Films

Art & Craft — P.O.V., PBS

Zora Neal Hurston: Jump At The Sun — American Masters, PBS.

Assistant Editor

Into the Deep: American, Whaling, and the World — Florentine Films / The American Experience, PBS.

Good Ol' Charles Schulz — American Masters, PBS.

What's On Your Plate? — Aubin Pictures.

Who Does She Think She Is? — Mystic Artists Films.

Pressure Cooker — Participant Media.

The American Brew — Florentine Films / Sherman Productions.

For The Bible Tells Me So — First Run Features.

Sexually Dangerous — ShowTime Docs.